PG&E Larkin Sub-Station

PG&E Larkin Sub-Station

PROJECT: PG&E Larkin Sub-Station

CATEGORY: Architectural

Details of the work performed

  • ASM installed approximately 1400’ sq. ft. of Cambridge Architectural Mesh made from T316 stainless steel. The Cambridge system was installed by tapping 5/8” threaded holes into the structural steel and installing top, intermediate, and bottom brackets spaced at intervals per the manufacturers requirements. The mesh was then tensioned by adjusting the spring-loaded bottom brackets to the required torque.
  • ASM also installed a wall of shop fabricated 10-gauge GSM painted panels behind a portion of fiberglass reinforced panels and the Cambridge Architectural Mesh. The wall was designed to allow access to service the lighting behind the façade, which reflects off the 10-gauge panels, and changes intermittently throughout the night.
  • ASM also installed custom shaped louvers by CS, Expansion joint by CS, and pre-finished coping by Hickman Co.


  • Project Name: PG&E Larkin St. Sub Station
  • Date completed: 10-09-2018
  • Type of project: Architectural
  • Types of metal used: Cambridge stainless steel mesh screen, Hickman Coping, CS Expansion joints and Louvers
  • Shop fabrication and sub-fabrication: custom fabricated stainless steel copings and general sheet metal
  • Designer of the project: TEF Architectural, Justin Blinn

Project Photots