California Water Service

California Water Service

PROJECT: California Water Service

CATEGORY: Architectural

Details of the work performed

  • ASM was contacted by the General Contractor to provide pricing and VE design input for the Berridge metal wall panel and soffit system, and the HH Sunshade system.
  • ASM offered an alternate option to the original details by rotating the soffit panels ninety degrees and designing custom flashings to accommodate the new panel direction, thus eliminating the need for multiple short panels and solid sheathing under the panels. This resulted in a more streamlined installation process saving labor and material cost.
  • ASM also provided a design to save costs by eliminating panels at the architectural shelf and replacing them with pre-finished flashing, also resulting in cost savings.


  • Project Name: California Water Service Company
  • Date completed: January 2018
  • Type of project: Architectural
  • Types of metal used: Metal Panels & Sunshades
  • Metal purchased from: Berridge / H&H Metals, Sunshades
  • Shop fabrication and sub-fabrication: All Custom Flashings
  • Designer of the project: VAC Architecture / Cobe Construction

Project Photots